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All About Medium Control Shapewear

Medium Control Shapewear is shapewear that smoothes everything out. It is on the more subtler side of shapewear. Whilst it won't transform your body, making you look loads slimmer, it will make your outfit hang beautifully and give you a wonderfully smooth, sleek silhouette in your clothes. Think of it as underpinnings - like a superb, sleek base layer.

Medium Control Shapewear Will...

  • give you a brilliant base for your clothes to hang off.
  • smooth out wrinkles and lumps and bumps like bra lines and vpl.
  • stop dresses from clinging in the wrong places.
  • make your outfit look LOADS better.
  • be REALLY easy to get on and off.
  • be comfortable enough to be worn all day and night, even whilst eating a banquet!

Medium Control Shapewear Won't...

  • make you look loads slimmer.
  • transform your body shape.
  • be uncomfortable to wear.
  • be impossible to put on without breaking a sweat!