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Spanx Tricks & Tips - Making Your Spanx Work For You

Shapewear is all about giving you confidence. Confidence in the way you look AND in the way you feel. Shapewear is all about getting your clothes to hang beautifully and embracing your natural shape and curves.

Here at The Magic Knicker Shop we sell shapewear a different way. We know that the lovely, airbrushed brand photos look great, but they don't actually show you a huge amount of detail. We take LOADS of REAL photos of our shapewear. We point out all the details that you need to know to help you choose shapewear you will be happy with.

6 Really Good Reasons To Buy Shapewear:

  1. Shapewear helps you to make the most of the clothes you already have.
  2. Shapewear makes too tight clothes much more comfortable to wear.
  3. Shapewear helps to smooth out lumps and bumps that can otherwise make you feel self-conscious in tight clothes.
  4. Shapewear helps your clothes to hang more elegantly on your figure.
  5. Shapewear is cheaper than buying a new outfit!
  6. And we all know that looking and feeling good in our clothes boosts our confidence!

Do You Need Help Choosing Shapewear?

We have been selling (& wearing!) shapewear for over 12 years, so we do know our shapewear! We love giving help and advice on choosing shapewear, so GET IN TOUCH if you need a hand x

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