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Slimming Control Levels

What do the slimming control levels mean?

Medium Slimming Control

Medium Slimming Control shapewear gives a SMOOTHING effect. It is perfect for creating a nice smooth line under your clothes. Think of it as underpinnings or a base layer, making your clothes hang beautifully off your frame.

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Firm Slimming Control

Firm Slimming Control shapewear is the most popular level of slimming control. It is easy to put on, easy to wear for long periods of time AND it is very effective at slimming and taming your bulges. It won't give DRAMATIC results but it will make your clothes fit much better and make you look slimmer and firmer.

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Extra Firm Slimming Control

Extra Firm Slimming Control shapewear is the stuff to wear on a big night out. It is SUPER STRONG in slimming control so it will make you look LOTS slimmer. However, it also SHAPES and SCULPTS you, making your bottom and waist look FABULOUS!

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Maximum Slimming Control

Maximum Slimming Control shapewear is FULL ON STUFF! It mainly focuses on your waist (waist cinchers and waist trainers) and it TAKES INCHES off your waistline. It creates a completely new, in and out hourglass shape.

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Bum Boosting Control

Bum Boosting shapewear doesn't slim you, it emphasizes your bottom. This is either in the form of PADDED PANTS which ADDS SIZE to your bum. Or in the form of a "push up bra for your bottom" which firms, shapes, lifts and generally makes your bum look AMAZING.

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